Framework di architettura di servizi per la sanita'

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AlmavivA Group is Italy's number one Information &Communication Technology provider, with a longstanding experience and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the public and private sector markets we specialize in.Operating as a global organization, AlmavivA Group has 35 offices and employs 27,000 people, also in Brazil, Tunisia and China.


Established in Florence in 1990, Dedalus Spa is today at the head of a leading national healthcare software industrial Group, with many important roles in all public and private health market segments, a sector that is of strategic importance for the national economy.




e-bag is a well-established and specialized in the development of web systems, systems for mobile phones, portals, websites and multimedia processing. With a ten-year history, and-bag is a web agency specializing in the development of communication strategies, and web design.



LP1 Ltd., established in April 2004, is a spin-off of Calpark - Science and Technology Park of Calabria - was born from the conclusion of the research on the design line 1 "Cooperation and Research Enterprise Generation Innovative new firms", entrusted by the MURST, now MIUR, in Calpark. The company presents itself as LP1 Ltd. company products and services operating in the field of advanced services. The focus of the company has identified the experience and expertise brought by the company President, Mr. Aldo Perrotta, who has over ten years experience as a representative and a past examiner at the European Office of Patents and Trademarks.

The DEIS (Department of Electronics, Information and Systems) was formed in the early 90s by the aggregation of the previous departments of Electrical and Systems. Afferent to the present DEIS about 60 professors and researchers and 15 units of technical and administrative staff. In addition to the DEIS afferiscono PhD courses in computer engineering and systems and operational research. The DEIS promotes and coordinates research activities in the areas of Automation and Systems Engineering, Information Technology, Electromagnetic Fields, Electronics, Operations Research and Optimization, Telecommunications and Engineering Management. In these areas the research that is conducted is very broad and diverse, as demonstrated by the rich production of scientific publications
The Consortium for Advanced Biomedical Technologies works at the Department of Chemistry dell'Unical. The headquarters of the Consortium Tebaid, is the university for conducting training activities and research


Simple Engineering è un gruppo presente in Italia e in Francia, specializzato nella progettazione e nel test di architetture di servizi nella sanità, nei trasporti e nella pubblica amministrazione. Oltre alle attività di consulenza, formazione e sviluppo di componenti software ad alto valore aggiunto, simple engineering svolge un'attività sostenuta di ricerca precompetitiva a livello nazionale (in Italia e in Francia) ed europeo nel campo della modellazione e del test delle architetture di servizi