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    The Training course  






The project provides advanced training for 24 graduates in scientific and technical subjects. The goal is to provide, through two distinct courses, the know-how for the integrated management of health-related metadata, and transfer the experience gained in the implementation of the related HealthSOAF research project. These skills are considered indispensable for modern management in the healthcare sector. Indeed, the National Health Service is now having to fulfill its commitment to maintain and improve its capacity to offer performance and service criteria of efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness; to contain and reduce the costs of the system and to maximize the benefits, both in terms of the reorganization and coordination of services for which it is responsible, as well as in the distribution of expenditure between the different levels of care


In this way the SSN will undergo an evolutionary and innovative process, both in terms of efficiency and in cost savings.


The training process, though using a general methodological approach, it is structured according to the specialist knowledge that has to be imparted, by means of two distinct objectives, to the following two categories of trainees:


ü  N° 12 science graduates, "End-Users", who able to manage specific computer-health patterns, and report any appropriate implementations and/or changes to be made;

ü  N° 12 science graduates "Technical-Experts" who possess the skills and knowledge of standards of health informatics



Participants of the course are young graduates who have completed their studies achieving, where applicable, the second level degree. The subdivision, in terms of the course of study represented, is as follows :


ü  Technical-Expert (12 Participants)

9 Engineering graduates; ;

2 graduates in Physics;

1 graduate in Chemistry;


ü    End-User (12 Participants + 1 Auditor)

8 graduates in Biology;

2 graduates in Pharmacy;

2 graduates in Pharmaceutical and Chemistry Technology. Farmaceutiche.


The courses are provided through two distinct educational objectives, they have a duration of 15 months, for a total of 4500 hours.



The training course is divided into three modules:


ü  Module A: Reinforcing expertise

 The module is divided into sub-thematic modules according to the skills to be imparted, it is made up of parts common to the users and specialist parts divided into the two objectives. It provides for a classroom training carried out in through a residential and "full immersion " program;


ü  Module B: "Training on the job" with specialist staff

 in this module both objectives for the different routes and content are provided a series of visits and mentoring, with qualified personnel at specific companies in the sector;


ü  Module C: Learning knowledge in strategic planning and management

the module is differentiated in its content for each of the two objectives. It provides training aimed at transfer, by means of simulation techniques, skills related to capacity assessment, formulation and management of a research project through the planning knowledge in the field of strategic management, evaluation and operational organization of industrial research and / or development pre-competitive.